Sunday, 30 July 2017

Flight explanation

 How do planes and birds fly?

Have you ever wanted to fly or wondered how planes fly? Well that's what I will explain.

Lift is a force that acts upwards and against weight, and planes  need it to get off the ground.
Weight is a force that keeps the aircraft lower in the air, it works against lift.
Drag is a force that stops the plane going too fast. It acts against drag. 
Thrust  is a force that makes a plane move forward and get off the runway, it acts against drag.

Planes will go the same height, speed and position unless acted on by an unbalanced force. You need more lift than weight to fly and more thrust than drag as well. It's a bit like tug of war. Turbulence occurs when there is unbalanced forces.

Overall I've really wanted to fly, I wish I could. If you try to fly you will fail because we human aren't as light and strong as birds, gravity will always pull us back to the ground. I hope you have learnt about how planes fly.

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