Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Camp moment

Camp - yay, I've been waiting for an eternity. When I heard we were doing crab hunting I lept up in the air and yelled yessss! I was so excited and so were my friends. We set off, strolling happily down the road. Suddenly I smelt a terrible smell. I looked down and saw a massive, sloppy cow poo. Luckily I walked around it, looked up and thought just ignore it. I was getting really tired but I kept going.

At the beach we peered under rocks. Everyone was squealing and screeching, running and jumping with joy. The rocks were wet and exceptionally smooth. I found a crab that was the size of a person's ear. I was quite surprised I’d found a crab that big.

Walking back to camp was fun as well, even though I was soaking wet, sandy and smelly. Overall crab hunting was quite an adventure.

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