Tuesday, 4 April 2017


They were in the desert starving to death, feeling traumatised, thinking about food. Then a camel came storming at them, everyone was so scared they ran away but one brave person stood in horror. He tried to kill the camel but he couldn't so he gave up too and ran away. The people who ran away saw a big bulky bird flying down low so they caught it in a flax net that they had made at their hut. That night they cooked the bird on the fire to eat for dinner .

 Later that night one person explored the desert and he came across a cottage. He crept up to it, when he opened  the door there was a horrible smell of overripe cheese. Once he got used to the smell he saw a man who was chained to a wall. He was fat, ugly, he had very wide eyes, skin that was green and he had  a patch of fluffy hair on the top of his head. He ran back to tell the people what he saw but they were all gone.

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