Sunday, 16 October 2016

Discovery reflection

Discovery was a success for me the past two terms, I liked the woodwork and the box construction. I liked the woodwork because I created cool string art and with the box construction I made a drum kit but I never finished it. My Challenge was to plan ahead and get a good result. I overcame these challenges by being patient and not giving up. A new skill I learnt was to hammer nails properly.

Over the past two terms I focused on planning ahead and being patient. I was challenged by making decisions like putting a nail in before another nail or trying to get the cardboard in the right place. I overcame this by being persistent and trying my hardest. The key competency I am better at is helping and cooperating with each other because I have helped Larson with his marble track. I suggested that he should put string around it and so he did. Overall I feel pretty proud about discovery. In term four I am looking forward to doing more activities. 

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