Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Dog poo

Have you noticed how people leave dog poo all around the park, not just one park, all the parks?  Especially when it's small, stinky, and sticky - it's really gross. Even when you know it might be there, you keep going around the tree anyway and accidentally step in a pile…. it's extremely embarrassing. Why do people leave dog poo all over the paths and by trees? That stinky, sticky dog poo is everywhere and I want it to stop this INSTANT!

One beautiful day my Mum and I were going for a run, I felt something wet over my hand. I don't know where it came from but when I looked down at my hand there was stinky, sticky, revolting dog poo smothered like Nutella all over my hand - arrgh!

One weekend later we went for the same run but this time I smelt something and it was under my foot. I lifted my foot up and what could I see? A gross, brown dog poo …. revolting!  Do you know what I had to do?  Pick it off with a stick? It was just disgusting.

If you decide to go for a bike ride in the hills with your family and there is a dog poo on the path where you’re riding, and you can't  go either way so you have to ride right through the dog poo, you will regret it because it's so stinky and it's permanently there.

If you are a dog owner always remember to take a few plastic bags out with you wherever you go. If your dog decides to poo, always take a minute and pick it up.  We would feel forever grateful if you could do this. 

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