Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Night safari and aquarium

In Singapore I did many things but one of them was a night safari. To get to the night safari we had to get on a minibus and a coach, it took a long time. I was thrilled to be going on a night safari. I had never done it before, I hoped that there was lots of different interesting animals but I  didn't know what to expect. 
When we got off the coach it was dark and steaming hot, I felt like I was in a volcano. It was as busy as shopping at a shopping mall at Christmas but we didn't have to queue to get on the train. The train took us around to see lots of animals. My favourites were the Tigers, the wolves, lions and hyenas. The train made me feel relaxed as I didn't have to walk but the people on it were noisy. When the ride finished we had a choice of a fire show, animal show or walking to see different animals.  We went for a walk as I probably would have fallen asleep if we had watched any of the shows. 
I'm glad we went for a walk as I saw my favourite animal on the tour, fishing cats.  We also saw some unusual animals, one was called a gharial which is like a crocodile, a cute venomous one called a slow loris and leopards which proudly walked in their enclosure.
As I hoped there were lots of different animals, I liked it. I recommend you go on a night safari if you are in Singapore. 

On our last day in Singapore we want to Sentosa island to go to the biggest aquarium in the world.  I was more excited than I've ever been before because this aquarium has over 200 sharks.  
We saw lots of different exhibits, my 2 favourites were the glass tunnel full of sharks and a gigantic glass wall about as big as 3 cinema screens. In the enormous tank were lots of species of fish like manta rays and stingrays.
I enjoyed the aquarium because it made my last day in Singapore fun.

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