Saturday, 23 July 2016

Football fun

I was very glad to hear that I was going to the National Football Museum in Manchester.
After a hot Tram journey we finally got there and had a short walk to the entrance.
Inside there was the Premier League Trophy that my Dad and I held up together and had our photo taken.
I also had the opportunity to do some more activities. I did the Pass Master where you had to kick the ball onto the highest number that was on the wall. My best score was 74 which was really good.
There was a room full of old Trophies that many teams had won in the past.
There was also a flag game where you had to put the flag on the right country that played in the European cup. We got 14 out of 16 but we still don't know where we were wrong…
The football museum was one of the many highlights of my holiday.

The following day we went to the Old Trafford Football stadium. It took about an hour to get there but I didn't mind because it was so enjoyable.
It was enjoyable because Manchester United are my favourite team. We went on a tour of the Stadium and got to sit in the home and away changing rooms, the VIP room, the Press Conference room and I also got to sit in the Manager's seat in the stadium. I also got to walk out of the players tunnel.
There was a trophy room with a replica of the Premier League trophy and the FA Cup. The room was absolutely full of trophies.
When the tour finished we went to the Megastore  and I bought a shirt and got my name printed on the back.
I was lucky that I got to go to the Manchester United ground because I had a great time.

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