Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Coal mine

In England my grandma and grandad took me on a visit down a coal mine. 
Before we could go down the mine we put on a helmet and got a light. The drop down to the bottom was 140m and we got down in an old lift. 
When we were down there we learned that in the 1800s you only had to be 7 to work down the coal mine.  The 7 year olds opened and closed doors to control airflow.  They had no light, we turned our torches off and tried to touch our noses, we couldn't see a speck of light. If I was 7 I would not liked to have worked down there.
I liked learning about the coal mine because I had never experienced it before.  At the end we were given a piece of coal.  It's really dirty and greasy, that's not what I expected.  

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