Sunday, 29 October 2017

Arts reflection

This term we have been learning about dance and drama. My learning is at the multistructural level and a bit in the relational level.  I am there because I create a work of dance/drama to communicate an idea. In the play I used locomotor movements to create pace and excitement.

I can do one thing in extended abstract which is giving support and practical advice to others. I am there because I can identify some elements and their effect. The time I did this was the time I told Larson I think he needed to put more expression and effort into his voice because he sounded a bit deflated.

My next step is to move completely into relational and more in extended abstract. I would need to reflect and develop my dance and drama further using the elements effectively.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Discovery reflection T3

This term I have discovered I have lots of different abilities. I have also discovered I’m pretty good at woodwork.  My goal this term was to take time to achieve a good result and think about what I'm doing.  While doing this I have learned not to rush and I'm really good at  including others and not giving up. I've enjoyed the projects that I've done this term.

I've been challenged to always be organised and stopping when we need to.  I have overcome these challenges by thinking about next week and thinking ahead.

In term four I'm looking forward to finishing my marble run and starting a new project.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The one that got away

Some of my memories are great and some not as great. Like the time we went to Hanmer and it tipped it down, and the time I broke my finger playing cricket at school. Do you remember breaking your first bone or making your first friends?

This is one of my favourite memories.  It is about the time I went fishing. Tata Beach is magnificent - waves crashing, birds chirping and an awesome view. What I really like about Tata Beach is the kayaks, four of them!

So me and my dad made a deal. He said “Tomorrow we'll get some bait, hand lines and the kayaks and go fishing.” I was so excited to be going fishing.

The next day we set off on our adventure just like he promised. When we finally finished walking down to the beach we hopped in the kayaks and set off paddling extremely fast. After about two minutes I was exhausted. So we went to an island close by where there were a lot rocks, perfect for fishing. I was so so surprised I had got this far.

We set up our bait and let the hand lines down. We waited for a while.  Then a lot of nibbles started rolling in, the water was not very deep only about three meters, I could see the fish, lots of them.

Suddenly they all cleared out.  I thought they weren't keen but no! ... A much bigger fish came along! It took a big bite and I scrambled and struggled to pull it up. Finally I did it. ‍I called my dad over. He told me it was a massive blue cod - Yes! It flapped about and then it fell off the kayak!!!  I was so gutted! My dad couldn't believe it either …. Bad luck!!

As we paddled back to shore we had another awesome adventure. First we spotted a… penguin, swimming fast under the water.  I caught a quick glimpse of it - amazing, I was stunned. We huffed and puffed to the coastline and saw two stingrays - cool. I casually floated over them, they didn't seem to mind.

That fishing trip was amazing despite the one that got away.  I was so excited to tell my family about the adventure I’d just had. My Mum said “ Wow that must be annoying” then I told her about the stingrays and the penguin. She was stunned and in disbelief.

Overall that fishing trip was the best one of my life so far. I really wish I’d caught that massive fish.

You should always remember your childhood memories even if they’re painful, funny or humiliating. Memories are like films that you can play over and over again. Thank you for listening to my speech.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Flight explanation

 How do planes and birds fly?

Have you ever wanted to fly or wondered how planes fly? Well that's what I will explain.

Lift is a force that acts upwards and against weight, and planes  need it to get off the ground.
Weight is a force that keeps the aircraft lower in the air, it works against lift.
Drag is a force that stops the plane going too fast. It acts against drag. 
Thrust  is a force that makes a plane move forward and get off the runway, it acts against drag.

Planes will go the same height, speed and position unless acted on by an unbalanced force. You need more lift than weight to fly and more thrust than drag as well. It's a bit like tug of war. Turbulence occurs when there is unbalanced forces.

Overall I've really wanted to fly, I wish I could. If you try to fly you will fail because we human aren't as light and strong as birds, gravity will always pull us back to the ground. I hope you have learnt about how planes fly.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Camp moment

Camp - yay, I've been waiting for an eternity. When I heard we were doing crab hunting I lept up in the air and yelled yessss! I was so excited and so were my friends. We set off, strolling happily down the road. Suddenly I smelt a terrible smell. I looked down and saw a massive, sloppy cow poo. Luckily I walked around it, looked up and thought just ignore it. I was getting really tired but I kept going.

At the beach we peered under rocks. Everyone was squealing and screeching, running and jumping with joy. The rocks were wet and exceptionally smooth. I found a crab that was the size of a person's ear. I was quite surprised I’d found a crab that big.

Walking back to camp was fun as well, even though I was soaking wet, sandy and smelly. Overall crab hunting was quite an adventure.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


They were in the desert starving to death, feeling traumatised, thinking about food. Then a camel came storming at them, everyone was so scared they ran away but one brave person stood in horror. He tried to kill the camel but he couldn't so he gave up too and ran away. The people who ran away saw a big bulky bird flying down low so they caught it in a flax net that they had made at their hut. That night they cooked the bird on the fire to eat for dinner .

 Later that night one person explored the desert and he came across a cottage. He crept up to it, when he opened  the door there was a horrible smell of overripe cheese. Once he got used to the smell he saw a man who was chained to a wall. He was fat, ugly, he had very wide eyes, skin that was green and he had  a patch of fluffy hair on the top of his head. He ran back to tell the people what he saw but they were all gone.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Halswell Quary

My class and I had a trip to Halswell Quarry.  I enjoyed it because we learnt about different rocks and the history of Halswell. I learned Banks Peninsula had formed from volcanoes. I Like this photo because it has a good image of the Quarry.